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Die Dag van Môre is a suitcase full of stories of people whose lives become intertwined. Look at the lives of the Le Rouxs.

A soapie rich in people whose lives are laid bare as they tell their stories. Emily (Abigail Kubeka) tries to unravel what really happened in her life. So does Braam who cannot find out if the car accident that left him maimed for life was truly an accident – or attempted murder?

How does it happen that mothers and daughters can’t understand each other? The Le Rouxs’ friends blame Stephne le Roux(Sandra Prinsloo). A difficult mother they think. Her son Braam(Erik Holm) is, without doubt, her sweetheart, whilst everyone can see her own daughter (Nadia Valvekens) irritates her.

An ambitious woman whose husband just never was enough. Stephne, the ambassador’s wife who always aimed higher. Stephne, the journalist, whose husband (Richard van der Westhuizen) doesn’t want to rekindle and she now focuses on her job as a journalist.

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  1. Baie interessant en dankie tog, só anders as al die ander tv dramas!
    Julle moes dit lankal gedoen het … Jan en Pieter, baie geluk en lank
    lewe “Die dag van Môre”!

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